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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one way to get the money from internet by selling someone else’s product and get the commission from the trade. This kind of business basically is an old model of business though. Pay someone’s service if they can sell product of merchant or affiliate merchant. Merchant or affiliate merchant is a person or company who have a product/service that they sell trough the internet.

For the people who don’t have product/service to sell, can help the affiliate merchant in selling this product, so that they can get the commission. And these people are called us affiliate marketer/associates or program partner.

So, to get money from the internet, you don’t have to always have your own product to sell in the internet. You can trade someone’s product by joining in affiliate program that held by his/her website.

If we applied ourselves in the affiliate program that belongs to affiliate merchant, it means we have already sign up as the member of their online sales link.

Affiliate program is more common term that used by the marketer rather than associate program, bounty referrer programs, revenue sharing/partner program. These term? Have the same meaning. That is a network to sell the someone else’s product to get the commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

In online business, all the affiliate marketer doing the trade trough a “special link” or known as “affiliate link”. This affiliate link given by the affiliate merchant (the owner of product or services). There’s the following working process:

When we are internet browsing and find an online product in the website and also offer affiliate program, we need to com?? Whether they will give us commission for every product that we sell?

If we finally sign up for that affiliate program, we will be directed to filling out a form. Usually the merchant required us to write our name, complete the address, the name for check receiver (for commission), email, telephone number, etc.

We will also required to read the “affiliate agreement”. A agreement is on legal document that ties us with the affiliate merchant.

The content commonly state about our agreement to the requirement and policy that made by the affiliate merchant, i.e. we are not allowed to send a spam email (a commercial email that email owner didn’t want)

This affiliate agreement is too important specially too read because if we break the written requirement, affiliate program will have the right to postpone our wage or even expel us from the program.

After we are agree with that affiliate agreement, the affiliate merchant will give a “Affiliate link” for us. Our next job is to promote that affiliate link.

For example, by put that link in our website or in email signature?? and we hope there will be someone who will visit and buy the product that we have.

When someone signing/ check out our affiliate link and buys it, the commission will be given to us.

REMEMBER!!! That person should have really do the demand.

Just because someone visit/check out affiliate link, it doesn’t means that affiliate merchant has to pay us.

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